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Welcome to - the premier Scash Trading Forum.

Connect with other traders on our Telegram Channel and Discord Channel to stay up-to-date on the latest Scash exchange listing announcements and other market news.

Access a rapidly growing global community of traders, miners and developers and receive support from dedicated Exchange Reps, obtain market intelligence and insights, identify trading strategies, as well as educational resources and best practices.


Learn more about Scash, an innovative and rapidly growing token launched in February 2024 developed by a decentralized, long-term technology project and credible team of industry professionals. is an association of Scash traders and primary users of the Scash project with a mutual interest in improving and expanding the trading ecosystem for Scash as well as supporting the overall growth of the project. This includes initiating and supporting exchange listings and working with other channels, portals and projects to onboard Scash, so as to enhance the maturity, depth and liquidity of this new and rapidly growing market.


By fostering a robust and transparent trading environment, we aim to encourage a diverse range of participants in the market, including miners, investors, speculators, and market makers.

The founding members of have worked closely with the project and its developers since iinception (the genesis block on 22nd February 2024).

Satoshi Cash Network (Ticker: SCASH)

Scash introduces a novel approach to cry͏ptocurrency mining, rekindling Sat͏oshi Na͏kamoto’s original vision of decentralized home computer mining for Bitcoin. 

Unlike traditional ASIC-based mining, Scash leverages the ASIC-resistant Ran͏domX proof of work algorithm from Monero, enabling anyone with a computer to contribute to the network’s security. 

Moreover, By combining the battle-tested Bitcoin protocol with RandomX, Scash brings back the ethos of inclusivity and decentralization to the mining process.

Furthermore, with over 1,100,000 Scash already mined, a block reward set at 50 coins, and a current trading price of $0.1481, Scash follows Bitcoin’s emission schedule, capped at 21 million coins and halving every four years. 


Scash focuses on decentralized mining, which fits its ultimate goal of being a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It works on Linux and Windows and provides a wallet experience similar to Bitcoin Core for easy use.



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